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Removal of Chemical Waste Water

We can assist businesses with proper handling and managing their industrial waste and hazardous waste.

Our expert staff is knowledgeable to remove your waste materials at your convenience, while complying with local regulations.

Removal of Marble Waste Water

We can help marble, stone, and granite manufactures to properly dispose of marble waste water.

Our tankers can transport and dispose this type of waste effectively, while minimizing the adverse impact on environment.

Removal of Salt Waste Water

Our tanker fleet has various capacities to transport salt waste water for businesses.

Removal of Sewage Water

Septic tanks needs to be emptied regularly to avoid overflow or damage to your sewage system. Our tankers can collect sewage from residential buildings, communities and commercial offices or hotels.

Our staff will work with your management to determine the best time for sewage collection and frequency of pickup.

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